Why WPC Doors are best compared to UPVC/PVC? – Space Designs

Why WPC Doors are best compared to UPVC/PVC? – Space Designs

WPC sheets and doors give a pleasant and attractive look to your property. If you are looking to buy the WPC frames in India, Space Interior is the name you should always remember! Here, we bring you some important points that reflect the interesting facts about WPC

•          WPC is the best substitute for plywood. Since wood doesn’t sustain, it is safe to use WPC Frames for 100% wash proof and fire retardant.

•          WPC sheets are composed of the wooden floor along with the plastics and have particular additives that prevent expansion. Whereas PVC doesn’t contain any additive.

•          The multitude of applications – WPC doors can be applicable in including kitchen shutters, office modular furniture, shoe racks, bathroom vanities and more.

•          The WPC material offers more flexibility and can be easily routed to fit any space. On the other hand, you cannot route PVC or UPVC edges

•          The WPC sheets have wooden powder and display more natural and authentic colors which gives a pleasant look compared to PVC.

What is PVC?

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is thermoplastic composed of chlorine and carbon. It is most commonly used as a replacement for copper and aluminum

•          PVC is a versatile and flexible plastic material. It is also used for making cabinets, houses, and other office needs.

•          Polyvinyl chloride consists of thermoplastic materials. This is the combo of wood fiber and PVC.

•          The kitchen is the area that is more exposed to heat and moisture. For such purposes, PVC will be a perfect choice.

•          PVC is completely made of recycled waste plastic and wood. So, the material is resistant to hot and moisture.

•          However, the applications of PVC are wide when compared to normal woods. Hence you can design your property without any limitations with PVC.

What are UPVC woods?

UPVC refers to un-plasticized Polyvinyl chloride. UPVC is used as the alternative for wood and it is the most highly recommended material when fitting double glazing. Therefore, it is one of the most versatile materials that come in different colors.

•          It is strong & cost-effective also resistant to chemical and termite attacks.

•          UPVC windows require extremely low-maintenance.  Keeping the frames clean with a little wipe is more enough to keep your windows clean.

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•          However, UPVC is a non-corrosive material. As a result, it won’t rust or rot like other woods.

•          UPVC doors and windows are extremely secured and highly noise proof.

•          However, compared to WPC doors, UPVC is low scratch resistance.

•          Also, the color of UPVC may get fade due to sunlight.

WPC frames and doors offer more resistance to water and moisture. Also, WPC sheets can resist temperature. WPC does not expand or shrink with the changes in temperature when compared to PVC and UPVC doors. Consequently, WPC has a longer lifespan than PVC and UPVC.

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