What are the Modern Interior Design ideas? – Space Designs

What are the Modern Interior Design ideas? – Space Designs

Modern Interior designs started a trend in the late 19th  century, reaching its heights during the 1940’s to 50’s with lots of distinguishable features, for instance natural woods, straight lines, clutter-free, neutral walls and more. The modern interior designs are closely related to “mid-century” modern interior designs.

What modern Interior designs should you choose?

There are many reasons worth considering for deciding the right interior designs that suit you. Initially try to maintain your own preferences and tastes in creating your home interior designs. Because home interiors affect your mood and feelings. The style of your house should communicate your personality, hobbies and living habits in general. Some of the modern interior design ideas…

Brimming with colours

Decor and furnishings create a focal point. However, modern interior designs are known for their bold colours. As a result, you can add furniture pieces in red, yellow, black, blue and white to the interiors. Because colours play an important role in interior design. Also colours create a visual experience with two or more adjacent rooms.

Line focused modern designs

Modern interior designs also revolve around simple and clean lines. The vertical and horizontal lines in modernist architecture are reflected in decor and furnishing designs. However, cylindrical columns can be seen more in modern homes.

Modernised Art deco

Modernist arts create expressive artwork in vibrant colours. The faceted mirror and brass coffee table with luxurious items like plush jewel-toned furniture create a vibrant and cozy look.

Pattern and Texture

Beautiful wallpaper is a tricky thing in creating a focal point to your room interior. Lots of contrasting textures hunk on visual interest from a coffee table to the table lamps. In addition to these, you can also add the pieces like paintings, sculptures, or shadow boxes which add an elegant look to your space.


An open-plan theme is a must when it comes to modern interior designs. An open living-room, dining and kitchen areas help you to remove unnecessary structures within a home and allows free air flow.

However, modern style is a minimalistic decor and light, colours of its components. Try to use simple lines and forms avoiding hard lines, heavy textiles, big carpets and rugs. Thus, simple interior designs are always attractive and appealing. When picking up the interior design for your home, the main thing is to pick out the elements that you like. At space designs, our expert interior designers are here to help you out from this task according to your requirement. Planning and Implementation with a clean vision is our primary goal.