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WPC doors

 WPC doors and sheets manufactures are increasing. As a result, there is an increase in visibility and curiosity about this product in trade. However, its time to move in your residential and commercial spaces through the ever-trending wood doors. Leaving behind the normal doors, WPC doors are made with technologically advanced machines and materials. WPC doors have the appearance and qualities of rarest species of wood. In addition, these doors offer a truly eco-friendly alternative.

At space designs, we possess technologically advanced manufacturing and testing facilities to hand over perfectly made WPC sheets. Taking into consideration, the increasing reliability of WPC sheets as an optional furnishing material, we have developed many sequences of the same with a different configuration. WPC sheets are made from the proper composition of fibre, thermoplastic materials and wood dust. However, the WPC door price varies dependent on their dimension, colour, style, brand and shape.

Advantages of WPC Doors

WPC doors have advantages over normal doors, due to its high finishing and high durability. Also, these wood door offer some of the following advantages 

  • 100% waterproof and termite-proof.
  • WPC doors contain a certain proportion of auxiliary materials like the foaming agent, stabilizing agent and modifier. 
  • These wood doors protect your property from decay or rot.
  • WPC doors are highly durable and attractive in appearance.
  • In addition, WPC sheets and doors are fire retardant and resistant to chemical corrosion.
  • The strength of the high cavity structure design can ensure the internal structure of doors.
  • A green product, but not from timber.
  • The screwing and nail holding capacity is 10 times better than normal doors. 
  • No shrinking or swelling.

Why Space Designs WPC doors are the best?

Normal doors have low surface strength and uneven surface because of the locally filled core. However, these doors are climatically unstable due to its top layer vanish according to the usage. However, there is a use of toxic chemicals in normal woods which can cause cancer and leave a negative impact on humans and pets. In addition, it is impossible to route and cut limitations in a specific direction and still highly expensive. Also, the manufacturing of normal doors is a completely manual process, other than being an automated process.

WPC doors

Coming to Space Designs WPC Doors, these are solid, highly stable and secured. If you are going to buy interior doors then these wood doors fill the bill in an apt manner. Also, it is smooth, easy to route and CNC design. The doors are termite-proof, waterproof, fire-retardant and contain no harmful chemicals. Its top layer is ideal to paint and polish, also won’t wear off easily. These wood doors give us the freedom to cut in any direction as per the requirement. We, at Space Interior, design and manufacture custom products that gives you flexible service by touching your requirements. 

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