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Best wood for Interiors plays a crucial role in truly enhancing the beauty of your property. So, choosing such best wood for Interiors is a beautiful way to add functionality to your property and increase your access to outdoor space. Similarly, improve privacy and control access to your property. However, there are often drawbacks: Termite and waterproof problems.
Termites are small insects that dedicate their lives to consuming wood. Also, wood is porous, so it absorbs water. When this happens, the wood expands and warps causing structural problems. But there’s good news. You can still enjoy a beautiful wooden fence without fearing that it will be destroyed by termite or waterproof problems. How? There are some woods resistant to termite problems and waterproof problems as well.

Find out the best wood for interiors to avoid Termite problems


Teak is the best wood for interiors that avoid termites. This best wood has a good reason for being pricey. However, this wood is extremely durable and weather friendly. The most advantage of using teak is, more than resisting termite problems, it kills them actively.
Treated wood is the best wood for Interiors
Using unprotected wood for building structures can create a dining ground for termites. Therefore, choosing chemically treated wood for constructing structures is the best choice. Such type of lumber is pressure-treated with a chemical preservative that soaks deep into the pores of timber. As a result, this acts as an effective chemical barrier against insects and natural decay. Alkaline Copper Quaternary and Copper Boron Azole are the two most common types of treated lumber.
Honduran Mahogany
A beautiful and best wood known for its characteristic pink to red-brownish color. Also, this lumber is the best resistance for termite problems because of its durability.


Redwood is one of your choices for the best woods for its reasonable price. The wood is more durable and does show resistance to termite problems. This wood is naturally resistant and easily available. Apart from redwood, cedar and cypress are also naturally resistant woods that are termite resistant.

Peruvian Walnut

This wood can be seen it dark, chocolate brown or even in purple color. This beautiful wood can create the best outcomes by making home appeal attractive and more classy. Peruvian Walnut is well known for its durability and termite resistance.

Coming to waterproof problems, while no wood is completely waterproof. But a few species of wood resist water better than others. Find out some of the water-resistant woods


Ipe also called Brazilian walnut is exotic wood. However, this best wood is sourced from the tropical trumpet tree. Ipe wood structures are hard and strong. Similarly, naturally resistant to rot, water and insects.
Hardwoods are the best wood for interiors
Hardwoods are best wood for interiors, known for their low maintenance and highly resistant to moisture. However, these have straight grain and dense woods, this prevents moisture penetration. But they require a wax or oil seal to be protected from inclement weather conditions.

Waterproof finishes
This provides luster and water protection to all types of woods. But is most often used with hardwood furniture or floors. However, this finish contains a color agent and it requires 1 or 2 days to dry properly. As a result, this produces a shiny new finish and they come in many different colors. This typical finish protects the wood from waterproof problems for up to 2 years.


However, wood gets damaged with water and termite attack. Space Designs interior showroom offers WPC Doors and WPC frames which are a complete substitute for wooden flush doors. Because WPC is a material created from a unique blend of plastic fibers and natural wood. The most remarkable thing about WPC is that it can be created completely from recycled materials collected from wood product manufacturing facilities and more.
Using termite resistant lumber and water-resistant woods like WPC doors on your property is a great strategy to avoid Termite and waterproof problems. Wooden elements and floors are classy. But it is the cost that what stands between you and your dream wooden interiors, just take a look at our products. Whether you prefer a light wood or chocolate dark, these woods provide the full range of colors naturally. With active innovation and forward-thinking, our team at Space Interior will continue to produce beautiful long-lasting and weather-friendly woods products.

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